Office Sanitization, Ankeny, IA

When you call us for office sanitization, you can be sure that our OSHA-certified technicians will follow current CDC best practices with EPA-approved disinfectants.

When you think about the advantages and importance of office sanitization, you probably think about the fact that you will be reducing the risk of illness for your employees and customers. What you may not consider are the other benefits that regular office sanitization can offer you. Your employees will be more productive and have a higher morale when they feel safer coming to work and feel like you care about their wellbeing. By investing in regular office sanitization, you will keep your whole business operation running more smoothly during daily operations.

Office Sanitization in Ankeny, Iowa

Here at AdvantaClean of Des Moines Central, we have the knowledge, training, experience and protective gear needed to provide office sanitization in a variety of settings:

  • High-rise office buildings
  • Mixed-use offices
  • Warehouse offices
  • Public offices or government buildings
  • Conference centers
  • School offices

Our office sanitization processes have been carefully designed and vetted by hygienists to ensure maximum impact in your workspace. We have preventative cleaning services available if there are no known or suspected exposures to dangerous contagions. We also have a decontamination service available if there is known exposure in your workplace. We can perform office sanitization when your personnel and customers are not present, but our services leave no chemical footprint, and you can use your office again only a couple of hours after office sanitization is complete.

You can be sure that our OSHA-certified technicians will arrive at your office in Ankeny, Iowa on time with all the appropriate and needed personal protective gear and EPA-approved disinfectants to get the job done right while maintaining safety. Call today to schedule your office sanitization services or to learn more.

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