Sanitizing Services, Des Moines, IA

We provide sanitizing services that have been approved by the EPA.

The average person spends a large portion of their time at work. Those who work full-time often spend more of their waking hours in their workplace than they do at home, so anything they’re exposed to at work can impact their overall health and wellbeing. Maintaining the cleanliness of a home is important, but it’s also crucial to make sure the place you work is clean and safe. If you own or manage a commercial building in the Des Moines, Iowa area, our team at AdvantaClean of Des Moines Central can provide the sanitizing services needed to protect those who work within it.

Sanitizing Services in Des Moines, Iowa

We provide sanitizing services that have been approved by the EPA to eliminate bacteria and viruses from surfaces. When we perform this type of service, we will come into your commercial facility with the right equipment and products to take care of the process as effectively as possible. If needed, we will wear safety gear, including PPE and respirator masks, such as when we’re sanitizing areas that have been exposed to certain viruses or bacteria. We also provide preventive cleaning services, focusing on horizontal surfaces and touchpoints to protect those who use the space.

Even touching something like a keyboard or phone on a desktop could have consequences if the office isn’t cleaned and sanitized regularly. When you count on our team to provide sanitizing services, you can feel confident that you’re providing a clean and safe atmosphere for your staff. Contact AdvantaClean of Des Moines Central to schedule sanitizing services at your facility.

FAQs About Sanitizing Services

It is completely understandable that you would have questions about sanitizing services as a business owner in the Des Moines, Iowa area. While having a clean and healthy workplace has always been important, it is on everyone’s mind during cold & flu season and during other health crises. At AdvantaClean of Des Moines Central, we want to help you enjoy the benefits of ongoing sanitizing services. We are happy to answer any questions you might have. Here are a few common ones to get you started:

What benefits can my company gain with sanitizing services?

Reduced absenteeism, peace of mind for your staff and visitors, a boost in employee morale because they can see you care about their health, improved indoor air quality for overall health and wellness, and the rewarding feeling of knowing you are doing everything you can to keep your staff and visitors safe.

How often should I have sanitizing services completed?

Our sanitizing services leave your workplace safer. However, as people come and go, they can bring in contaminants. How often you call for sanitizing services depends on several factors, including your budget, how busy your office is, if someone has become ill, and other steps you are taking to control germs, bacteria, and viruses on surfaces between our visits.

Why should I choose you for sanitizing services?

We have more than 20 years of experience dealing with some of the worst messes possible. With that much experience with hazardous materials, mold, and other outcomes from disasters, you can be confident that we know how to keep our team safe and can use that same dedication to keeping your company’s staff and visitors safe.