Crawlspace Encapsulation is the Best Way to Be Proactive About the Water Rising

Crawlspace encapsulation is one of the best ways to protect the structural components

Groundwater is a way of life for us here in Iowa. Over 75% of us rely on our groundwater supply as the primary source of our drinking water. While this can be a wonderful natural resource that should be protected and taken care of in our state, there are also seasonal issues with flooding in crawlspaces due to rising groundwater from winter snowmelt and the rainy season. If you live on well water or you know the groundwater near your home or establishment is generally high to begin with and, of course, if you also have a crawlspace, you might want to strongly consider getting crawlspace encapsulation, if you haven’t already.

Crawlspace encapsulation is one of the best ways to protect the structural components of your property from mold growth and flood losses. Both mold growth on the structural elements of the building and losses from flooding can be very expensive when compared to the cost of crawlspace encapsulation, a preventative measure that you can schedule according to your timing and budget instead.

Crawlspace encapsulation uses special materials to cover the surfaces of your crawlspace in such a way as to encapsulate, or surround this vulnerable area of your home, with a protective, water-resistant, coating-like surface instead. Not only is this barrier impervious to moisture, but it can also protect your property against the build-up of harmful levels of radon gas. If your crawlspace is not only not sealed, but also has a dirt floor, then this vapor barrier will provide added health benefits for the occupants of your property, as well as structural protection.