Many people are aware of the health risks of some types of mold, but you may not realize that mold can actually do damage to the structure of your home if left to its own devices. As a homeowner, you should stay alert to possible signs that you need a mold inspection. Sometimes, it is really obvious that you need mold mitigation services. Maybe you had a plumbing leak and you see mold growing on a wall or ceiling. Other times, it may be less obvious. Perhaps your home has a crawlspace and you have a leaky pipe you don’t know about under the house.

Keep Alert for These Signs That Your Home Needs a Mold Inspection

Here are some signs you should know about that would indicate you should have a mold inspection or call a mold specialist very soon:

  • Standing water in your home: If you have water in your home, you must quickly get it out and start the drying process. Mold can start growing in as little as 24 hours.
  • Water stains anywhere in your home: Common areas are ceilings and walls. These problems can be caused by your hot water heater, your washing machine, your toilets, or any other item that uses water in your home.
  • High levels of humidity in your home: Humidity levels vary based on the climate where you live, but can also be affected by seasonal changes, heavy rains, and leaks.
  • Strange or new smells: Some kinds of mold smell musty, but any new or strange smell should be investigated as a possible sign of mold.
  • New health symptoms: Common health symptoms related to mold include nasal congestion, runny nose, wheezing, difficulty breathing, throat irrigation and cough, among others.

If you have any concerns related to possible mold, don’t wait. Get a mold inspection right away.