When it comes to anything about a fire and the damage it causes, you have to act quickly to save your belongings and your home. Even being near a large fire, like a wildfire, can cause significant smoke damage to a home on some occasions, even if the flames never reach the building. If you suspect that you have smoke damage because there has been a fire in or near your home, you’ll want to call us up right away to assist with assessing the smoke damage. Even if the fire was only in your kitchen, for example, smoke damage that needs to be addressed can quickly occur in wooden flooring, the structural elements of your home, or even in other rooms.

Don’t wait to treat smoke damage

As your professional smoke damage cleaning experts, we can guide you through the process of deciding what to discard, cleaning up, and getting you connected with the proper restoration or other mitigation professionals according to your needs. You’ll want not to wait more than a day or two (in some cases only hours) before contacting us so that we can help you stop the spread of smoke damage in your home. Proper ventilation early on in the process is essential, so you may also need deodorizers and special cleaners. We can help to identify cracks and crevices that could hide smoke for months before the damage to your home or property becomes apparent.

Smoke damage results from acidic residues in the soot that starts to discolor the surfaces the soot has coated, almost immediately. Within hours, these surfaces can take on a stained yellow color, and porous materials like clothing, wood, or metal can begin to deteriorate. Don’t wait to treat smoke damage. Call us at AdvantaClean of Des Moines Central right away to turn time into your advantage!