Even if you don’t think your home has a moisture problem, you might still have one lurking under your home. If your home has a crawlspace, it is worth carefully considering the option of investing in crawlspace encapsulation services. Your crawlspace directly impacts the indoor air quality in your home, meaning that even if you aren’t aware of a problem, the health of you and your loved ones could suffer.

Reasons to Consider Investing in Crawlspace Encapsulation Services

Crawlspace encapsulation starts with an assessment of your crawlspace. Some obstacles like rocks may be removed to protect the liner being installed. Your crawlspace will be carefully measured, so that the heavy-duty polyethylene barrier can be customized for your space and sealed appropriately with sealing tape and overlapping sections. Usually, this barrier covers the floor and the walls of your crawlspace. Sometimes, it is even extended to the ceiling for added protection. Adding a dehumidifier is another important step once the barrier has been installed. A dehumidifier will keep the relative humidity in the crawlspace below 50%, which reduces the likelihood of mold growth.

Crawlspace encapsulation services have benefits beyond reducing moisture in your crawlspace. It can actually improve the energy efficiency of your home, making your home more comfortable, reducing the wear and tear on your HVAC system, and saving you money on your monthly bills. It can also make your crawlspace less inviting to pests and wood-destroying insects like termites and some types of ants.

Professional crawlspace encapsulation services are often a valuable investment for the long-term wellbeing of your home and the people who live there.