Water can wreak havoc on your home.  It can get literally everywhere and can seep into everything. Whether you have water damage from rain or other natural disasters, or something like a burst pipe, or an overflowed bathtub or sink, the water needs to be cleaned up immediately before it creates even bigger problems, like mold.

It is important that you call in professionals for water damage cleanup. You can try and clean up the mess yourself, but without the knowledge and experience that professionals have, there is no guarantee you will get everything and be able to take care of the cleanup effectively.

Not only do professionals have knowledge and experience, but they also have specialized tools to get the job done right.  They have high-powered, commercial-grade fans that can increase dry time by a lot and will make sure to dry everything out. They also have tools and equipment to see if the insides of your walls are damaged and need to be torn out.

If you are looking for an experienced company to come and clean up water damage in your home or business, contact us today at AdvantaClean of Des Moines Central.  We can have all the water cleaned up and everything dried out safely in no time. No mess is too big for us to handle! We use state-of-the-art equipment, and we will make sure that everything is cleaned up and ready to be restored in no time.