Our mold removal specialist will make sure your home is safe and free of harmful mold!

Dealing with mold is never the most convenient job for a home or business owner. Depending on the severity of the mold, it can be difficult to know how to properly remove mold from certain areas of your home. At AdvantaClean of Des Moines Central, we are here to help our customers in Ankeny, Iowa when they need the help of a mold removal specialist.

Mold Removal Specialist in Ankeny, Iowa

Mold can cause a variety of health problems, and most often can make it difficult for people to breathe easily. It can also be very unsightly if mold is growing in a place clearly visible to others. There are so many factors to consider when attempting mold removal, and it is often wiser to trust a mold removal specialist to handle the job.

Our team at AdvantaClean of Des Moines Central has many years of experience dealing with mold removal, so we know how to get the job done efficiently but thoroughly, so you can stop worrying about mold recurrences. Working with a mold removal specialist may also be necessary to find mold that is not easily visible, but still causing other health and respiratory problems. Our specialists at AdvantaClean of Des Moines Central have the experience and training necessary to take care of any mold removal needs you have.

If you have seen mold in your home or business or think there may be some hidden throughout the building, make sure to call AdvantaClean of Des Moines Central. We work hard to provide our customers with a mold removal specialist you can trust. Give us a call today!

FAQs About Working with a Mold Removal Specialist

We at AdvantaClean of Des Moines Central have extensive experience in the mold treatment industry, and we are familiar with the damage mold can do. If your home or business has a mold problem, you can turn to our mold removal specialists for help. Below, we will go over the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions on the subject so you know what to expect.

Why do I need a mold removal specialist?

There are several reasons why mold removal is a job best left to experienced professionals. First, dealing with mold is dangerous, as breathing in the spores can have severe consequences for your health. Our team has robust safety equipment to protect ourselves from these negative effects. Second, our experts know how to seal off the affected area to prevent spores from escaping into other parts of your building, and we know how to dispose of moldy material properly, both of which will prevent the problem from coming back later.

What does the mold removal process involve?

When you call our mold removal specialists for help, we will first examine your property to determine exactly where the mold is located and how far it spreads. Next, we’ll put on our safety gear and seal off the affected areas to prevent spores from escaping while we work. Then we will remove any material that is too infested with mold to be saved, disposing of it according to strict guidelines to ensure no spores get out to create new colonies. Finally, we’ll give the remaining material and structures a thorough scrub with a mold-killing cleaning solution.

At AdvantaClean of Des Moines Central, our mold removal specialists proudly serve Des Moines, Urbandale, West Des Moines, Ankeny, Colfax, Martensdale, Norwalk, Prole, Minburn, Lacona, Bouton, Peru, Winterset, Bevington, Huxley, Bondurant, Dallas Center, Elkhart, Indianola, Polk City, Cambridge, Prairie City, Van Meter, Berwick, Redfield, Liberty Center, Madrid, Earlham, Sheldahl, Carlisle, Cumming, New Virginia, Altoona, Windsor Heights, Granger, Johnston, Mingo, Ackworth, Alleman, Maxwell, Truro, Milo, Saint Charles, Waukee, Grimes, Ira, Pleasantville, Adel, Booneville, Patterson, Woodward, Swan, Runnells, Saint Marys, Hartford, De Soto, Slater, Kelley, and Mitchellville, Iowa.